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Compound semiconductor analysis

Cross-sectional analyses for a variety of products such as LEDs, high-frequency modules are possible as shown.​


Wide bandgap semiconductor devices enable dramatic reduction in conduction and dynamic losses thus improving power efficiency.   SiC semiconductors facilitate high temperature operation thus reducing solution size in HVs, HEVs and EVs.  GaN HEMT devices and integrated circuit technologies matured dramatically in recent years.  They represent ideal technology for the fabrication of RF power amplifiers.  As these technologies mature, the need for technical analysis and competitive analysis grows rapidly.”



This example is a construction analysis of a packaged compound semiconductor device.

・In-board interconnect layout analysis, interconnect tracing, circuit schematic capture, identification of passive components within complex modules.

・Observation of in-board Via cross sections, material composition, dimensional analysis

・Evaluation of material composition of die-to-lead frame attachment (e.g., Ag paste, etc.)

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