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Cross-sectional analysis

The semiconductor process  technology is progressing very fast in terms of process density, use of diverse set of exotic materials, resulting in a very high degree of difficulties for process and structural analysis.

At LTEC Corporation product/process evaluation and analysis is performed by experienced semiconductor device and process analysts. We select the pre-processing and evaluation technique in accordance with the purpose of the analysis. We often use proprietary delayer techniques, automated or semi-automatic image/schematic capture techniques, perform image quality enhancements.  We often use delayering and other analysis techniques not readily available within corporate failure analysis laboratories.

Our motto is to analyze major points of interest.​



・Typical layer by layer structural analysis of semiconductor devices:

・Structural analysis of circuit components (transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc.)

・Process flow estimations

・Structural analysis by SEM, FIB, TEM observation and die substrate evaluation by  chemical etching solution.

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