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IC Reverse Engineering

Provides reverse engineering and deep analysis of all types of of analog-mixed signal and wide-bandgap semiconductor devices including circuit, process, package analysis, memories, processors, image sensors, RF/microwave devices, MEMS, and many other types.

System Analysis

Provides laboratory evaluation and analysis to support product development or infringement investigations; expert operation analysis at circuit and system level through measurements, waveform analysis, and probing as needed; material composition, doping profile, and many other types of laboratory analysis. 

PCB Reverse Engineering

Provides reverse engineering of printed circuit boards (PCBs),  including dimensioned structural analysis, component list, block diagram, detailed circuit schematic diagram,  passive component value measurements, BOM, cost analysis, PDN/PI analysis, thermal analysis, and description of other unique features.

Flat Panel Display Analysis

Provides reverse engineering, teardowns, structural details with various dimensions, component lists, detailed circuit schematic diagrams, waveform measurements, and optical measurements.

IP related research

Provides a full range of services from world-wide prior art and non-patent literature search to portfolio analysis,  expert claim charts construction, reverse engineering and deep analysis for defensive and assertive purposes.

Document Search

Provides various types of secondary research depending upon clients’ needs.

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