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Patent utilization support

LTEC Corporation provides  total patent utilization support based on various reverse engineering technologies, infringement analysis, and patent portfolio assessment.

Infringement analysis

  • Evaluate similarities between clients’ patent claims and  competitors’ products.

  • Create claim charts.

Patent portfolio assessment

・Identify patents having high utilization potential.

・Help reduce patent portfolio maintenance costs

Application           Consumer, Communication, Automotive

Technologies        Semiconductor (Process, Structure, Packaging, Circuit, System )

Products              Semiconductor device 

            Memory: DRAM, SRAM, Flash, MRAM, FeRAM

                                       Digital: MCU, MPU

                                       Mixed signal: Power management, Driver, ADC

               Power device: Si, SiC, GaN, GaAs

                                       Image sensor


                           Electric components (Passive, SAW filter, MEMS, RF etc.)

                           Flat panel display (LCD, OLED, etc)

                           Automotive (ECU, Power (DCDC, DCAC, Charger, Inverter),                                                      LiB management, Sensor, Lighting, etc. )

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