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Typical analysis contents

1. PCB, package structural analysis

   ・ Internal structure verification by X-ray

   ・ Planar layout and design rules analysis

   ・ Cross-sectional structural analysis

   ・Material composition analysis, etc.

2. IC die structural analysis

   ・Die layer structural analysis,

   ・Circuit components (transistors, resistors,  capacitors, etc.) structural analysis

   ・Visualization of the Si substrate structure (diffusion layers)

   ・Manufacturing process flow estimation 



   ・Semiconductor products: Logic, Analog, LCD drivers, Tag-IC, Power devices, etc.

   ・Compound semiconductor products: LEDs, Power Amplifiers (Modules), etc.

   ・Piezoelectric devices: SAW filters, Duplexers, etc.

   ・LCD panels: Organic EL, MEMS, etc.

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