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About LTEC

 LTEC Corporation is Japan's dominant intellectual property analysis company, provides in-depth competitive reverse engineering analysis services for the research and development engineering and industrial legal communities in Japan, USA, Korea, and Taiwan. LTEC helps its customers overcome intellectual property (patent) research, analysis, and protection challenges across all sectors of electronics. With Over 100 highly trained engineers and over thirty years of an impeccable track record, LTEC stands ready to help retain or gain a competitive edge for its clients worldwide.”

   • Over 30 years of technical analysis experience
   • Highly trained & experienced analysts
   • Over 110 engineers and Ph.Ds.
   • Unique approach to IP analysis
   • Proprietary software-based extraction tools
   • Direct access to the Asian IP market and competing products’ intelligence
   • World-wide access to major IP databases

What Differentiates LTEC?

   • 90% client success rate in litigation cases based on LTEC’s services
   • Direct access to IP and devices in the Asia-Pacific region
   • State-of-the-art sample preparation skills
   • Ability to analyze the latest technologies: 28nm, 14nm and beyond
   • Proprietary schematic extraction tools
   • Proprietary IC and PCB de-layering technics
   • Flexible approach to fulfill customers’ need
   • Cost-minimized, multi-level approach to IP research

Understand your competitors’ products before defining yours, accelerate time to

market, enhance and protect your patent portfolio by utilizing our advanced engineering

analysis technology.

Ethics & Confidentiality

In the world of high technology, innovation is the lifeblood of corporations. When dealing with intellectual property, LTEC Corporation’s most important guiding principles are ethics, integrity, and confidentiality. These principles are never compromised by profit motive or any other consideration. LTEC only uses publicly available components and systems and related information to perform its analysis. Throughout the course of its business, LTEC has been consistently compliant with all applicable national laws. Occasionally, while working on IP-related projects, LTEC employees may gain proprietary knowledge of its client. Such information will never be shared with any other client. Sensitive information related to client IP is only accessible to LTEC employees directly engaged in the project. In case of IP-related disputes between corporations, LTEC only engages in business activity on behalf of the party that approaches it first.

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