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APEC 2019 (Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition)

Mar 12, 2019

LTEC Corporation presents at the Industry Session on Tuesday, March 19th.

“1200V SiC MOSFETs Technology Assessment by Means of Deep Structural and Physical Analysis”


The performance, cost/price and intrinsic characteristics of the latest generation of commercial 1200V SiC power MOSFET devices developed by leading manufacturers are assessed by examining their layout, structural and physical properties.


By analyzing the technology and electrical FOMs of SiC devices produced during the last eight years, we developed trend charts useful for predicting the path of evolution of the technology. Electrical characteristics, such as the off-state leakage current versus drain voltage and temperature, and channel mobility, not provided in the manufacturer datasheet, but both related to SiC epilayer quality are revealed and compared. Short-Circuit robustness and its scaling trend, key parameters for inverter motor drives applications, are presented. ​


Please plan to attend and come to visit us at Exhibit Booth 765.

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