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Typical analysis overview contents

Semiconductor technologies are evolving on a daily basis and moving beyond 14nm. Wide bandgap semiconductors revolutionize power electronics.

GaN RF circuits in RF communication are becoming a key enabling technology. We are entering into a new era of cognitive computing using in-memory processing and ultra fast, low latency non-volatile memories that rely more on material science than on traditional semiconductor technologies. Our engineers and career analysts continuously monitor and follow advances in leading-edge technologies wherever the path leads us.




An example of typical analysis report contents​

・Package photographs and X-ray imaging, package deconstruction, die photos (including markings)

・Function blocks (memory, logic, I/O, etc.) construction details

・Estimate of number of logic cells, bits, layer-by-layer material composition, process flow reconstruction

Packages X-ray photograph

Die marking,

Length measurement of the pad pitch

Area of functional blocks

Rough estimate of number of logic cells

Process flow estimation & Composition estimate

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